40 Days of Prayer

For the past year, we have been making prayer more of a priority at Tabernacle. Each week, during their weekly staff meeting, our Tabernacle staff starts off with an extended prayer time. Our services often include a corporate prayer time. Prayer is incredible!

We all know the benefits of prayer. We know we should do it. We know its important. We know it can be powerful, but we often struggle with prayer. It can be difficult or awkward. We might not know what to pray for, or know how to pray. This is especially difficult when we are praying alone.

We want to start off 2016 with each of our families praying together. We are calling it the “40 Days of Prayer.” We don’t want just some families to participate, we want all of our families to be involved. Growth happens best when we are growing together! We want all of our members to experience the tremendous blessings that come from a consistent and intentional season of prayer.

We truly believe that these 40 days will be life changing. We have had a few families and individuals going through through a test run, using the book “Draw the Circle.” From this group, we have heard many stories of God doing incredible things. We cannot wait to share these with you over the next three weeks as we build up to the 40 Days of Prayer.

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  • Reserves ONE free “Draw the Circle” book for your family. – Pick it up at the Welcome Desk on Sunday January 3rd
  • Adds you to our “40 Days Prayer” Challenge email list – Expect emails to begin Jan. 1st
  • You will get a link to the private facebook group where you can connect with other church members who are also involved in the 40 Days of Prayer. This group will be searchable to the public, but only the members of the group that are signed up through the church will be able to see any posts.  It will be a great place to share victories and struggles as we do this together.