Find a project below


After finding a project, bring friends or go yourself and serve


After serving, designate one person in your group that you have served with and email [email protected] your hours and pictures


Find a project below


After finding a project, bring friends or go yourself and serve


After serving, designate one person in your group that you have served with and email [email protected] your hours and pictures


In the Sermon on the Mount, we are challenged by Christ to let our light shine before men, so they will see our good deeds and give glory to God (Matthew 5:16).  September 10-16, we aim to do just that through our local mission initiative, Impact Week.

What is Impact Week?

It is a time for our church to step out boldly and be the hands and feet of Jesus, do service projects, meet needs, and share the gospel with our community. We want our community to experience a true impact as we coordinate together to serve our city. To that end, we are setting the goal of giving 400 volunteer hours to our community in one week.  Now, 400 might seem like a lot, but if every person who regularly attends our church gave just one hour that week, we would easily surpass that goal. 


Important Information

How do I count my group’s hours?

When submitting hours, everyone’s hours are counted individually. For example, a group of 4 people works for 6 hours, the total hours that would be submitted is 24 hours.

Who do I contact with questions I might have about reporting hours etc.?

If you have any questions, email [email protected] with the subject line “help” and any questions you might have, or text “Impact” to (833) 248-5800.

What type of pictures should I submit?

We want to see you serving! So please submit at least 3 pictures, 2 of your group serving and one of your group all together.

How do I submit my hours & pictures?

How do I submit my hours & pictures?
Submit your hours and pictures to [email protected] with the subject “Impact week hours – {name of service project}”

What if I won’t be at church this Sunday to fill out an interest card?

What if I won’t be at church this Sunday to fill out an interest card?
If you are unable to be at church this Sunday, visit TABERNACLEFAMILY.ORG/IMPACT to find a project you are interested in and email [email protected] with the subject line “interested in {name of project}” with your name and number.



Volunteering at Brookdale Sr. Living

Brookdale, 2500 Yorkstown Dr

Activities Director Kim 972.875.6900

Activities Director Kim will have multiple activities a volunteer may enjoy participating in. These will include Bingo, teaching Bridge, helping with other Card games and Domino games.  These activities occur at various times during the afternoon on various days of the week. Kim would love to visit with you.

Volunteering at Legend Oaks

Legend Oaks, 1400 Medical Center

Activities Director Latonya Worth 972.875.4800

Activities Director, Latonya Worth, will have multiple activities a volunteer may enjoy participating in.  She would love to visit with you.  Please call her to discuss the day(s) you may be able to come and what you enjoy doing.  She will match you with an activity you will like. Be sure to call Latonya and make a plan.

IOOF Nursing Home

IOOF Nursing Home, 2300 S. Oak Grove Rd.

Activities Director Belle 972.875.8643

Activities Director, Belle, would love to visit with you.  On the 3rd Tuesday of each month, they have a birthday party. For IMPACT week she needs a Bingo caller for 2 pm Friday. If you enjoy giving devotions, sign up to give one M-F at 11 a.m. Volunteers are needed to provide a church service each Sunday afternoon. There may be other opportunities.  Please call

Ennis Care Center

Ennis Care Center, 1200 S. Hall St.

972.875.9051 Activities Director, Susan Tekell

Choose your day.  Contact Activities Director, Susan Tekell, when arriving for placement with a resident(s)


  • 2pm Monday – help with Bingo
  • 2pm Wednesday – help with Bingo
  • 2pm Friday – lead a Bible study or devotion. Contact Susan prior to Friday to establish your desire for a group.

Thifty Lark

1024 Ferris Ave, Suite B, Waxahachie TX


(Women only) Retail Store for First Look Pregnancy Center


3 women, 10am-Noon, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

First Look Pregnancy Center

213 YMCA Dr, Waxahachie TX


3 workers for Friday to plant flowers into planters for upcoming donors meeting

Love Your Neighbor Outreach and Thrift Store

301 N College Street, Waxahachie TX

 Cheri Hatheway, 480-600-3543

Work in thrift store Wednesday through Saturday, Two Shifts, Unpacking, organizing, stocking merchandise, etc. 


  • 9:30 am – 1 pm
  • 1 pm – 4 pm

Runnin’ Free Ranch

1403 Old Bardwell Rd, Ennis TX

Project Manager Mike Mitchell (214) 733-4280

Desc: Equine Assisted Activities and counseling for veterans, at-risk youth, and those with special needs.

  • Fold brochures
  • Trim weeds
  • Trim some brush
  • Trim some tree limbs
  • Pick up some small limbs/brush
  • Pain a small horse barn

All tools/materials will be provided.

Times: Saturday, September 16th 9 A.M – Noon

Helping Hands of Ennis

604 NE Main, Ennis TX

M-F, 8am-4pm volunteering and small projects

ESL Reading Group

Karen Hixson (469) 644-7456

Need 10 people to read to ESL students

Meals for Waxahachie Fire Station

Click here for directions

Lois Robinette 214-415-5676


  • Food for 4 fireman
  • One meal on September 11
  • One meal on September 14

American Red Cross | Blood services

Local blood drive, to sign up, click the link below

Click here for more information

Mentors Care | Become a mentor

Melanie Trojacek at 469-363-0670 or [email protected]

Mentors Care recruits members of the community from corporate and small businesses, churches, small groups, community clubs, chambers of commerce, etc. to serve as mentors to students who are considered to be at risk of not graduating from high school.

(This requires a longer commitment than just one week, for more information, click the link)

Click here for more information

Yard Maintenance & Mowing

1405 Sundale St Ennis, TX 75119
Terry Heil 972-816-9530

Partnering with the city of Ennis for yard maintenance and mowing of a house that is out of code Saturday Morning.

Snacks for Police Officers

Palmer city hall is taking snacks to the city hall for the police department, water department, and municipal court.

Tues.-Fri. 7:30-5:30 open for snacks/food

Feeding the Palmer Football Team

(469) 658-1448 Jordan Gradberg

Feeding the football boys Friday morning. 


Provide baked goods/other blessings to our teachers, first responders, city workers, etc.  –  Mow your neighbor’s lawn  –  Visit a nursing home  –  Visit shut-ins in the community (talk with our Tabernacle @ Home team)  –  Yard work/housework/washing the car of a neighbor  –  Offer babysitting to a friend or young family you know  –  Write encouraging letters – these can be to people in nursing homes (or the staff at the nursing
home!), teachers, health care workers, active duty service members, etc.  –  Cook a meal for a neighbor  –  Donate food/clothing to a local non-profit  –  Go into a laundromat and pay for people’s laundry  –  Donate blood  –  Take cold water/popsicles/etc. and pass them out at a park  –  Make a lemonade stand and give it out for free  –  Volunteer to read to students or make copies or help teachers however they need at a local school