1. Each person, use pages 7 and 8 to come up with a list of your prayer needs.
      2. If praying through the Battle Plan alone, pick your top 5 prayer needs.
      3. For husbands & wives, work together as a couple to pick your top 5 prayer needs.
      4. Set a scheduled prayer time.
      5. Set a scheduled prayer place.
      6. Make sure you’ve followed us on Facebook and submitted your email address.
      7. Begin your 35 days of prayer together.


These are the steps you need to take to get the most out of the Battle Plan for prayer:

1. Make sure you’ve connected with us on Facebook. We’ll be sending out daily encouragement, weekly videos, and a weekly facebook live session with Pastor Todd.

2.┬áMake sure we have your current email address. If you don’t receive our weekly email newsletter, write your email address below.

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Let us know how it’s going!

At any time throughout the plan, feel free to leave us a testimony (below) about how the Battle Plan has impacted you. If you have a question or a struggle, you can also leave it below and Pastor Todd might address it during one of our weekly Facebook Live sessions.

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