We love serving our community. Consider how your family, Group, or LifeGroup can be a part of this great movement!

History of BeChurch

For many years, we have gathered our members, partnering with other churches in the community for a one-day huge event. This has included food giveaways, games, and a carnival-like atmosphere. As we’ve looked at BeChurch over the past five years, we have been thrilled with what God has done in Ennis and its surrounding areas, but we have consistently asked ourselves “what if BeChurch was a thing we did all year instead of one day a year?”

BeChurch now.

We have been hard at work, even before last year’s BeChurch event trying to figure out how to be the most obedient with the resources we’ve been entrusted. Through prayer, dreaming, and planning, we do think we have an amazing solution.

We are asking Groups and LifeGroups to search for services projects and opportunities to make an impact for God’s Kingdom in our local community.

These projects will be the sole responsibility of our Groups and LifeGroups. Tabernacle will have resources available for groups who might need financial, facility, or other resources.

How to Participate

All projects will need to be completed through a Group or LifeGroup.

The Process:

  • Fill out the form below
  • Get approval that your project meets the criteria for a “BeChurch Project”
  • Take a picture of your group serving
  • Submit the picture and a short write-up to the church
  • Screw in a new lightbulb on Sunday Morning

1 bulb = 1 project

Your Groups and LifeGroups can help us reach our goal.

Reaching 100 Projects

In our Worship Center, we have a big 20 foot long reminder of our goal of doing 100 service projects, through our Groups and LifeGroups. For each completed service, we will light one bulb.

If your Group or LifeGroup has a project to propose, fill out the form below, and the church office will assist you in getting the process started.