This is a BIG Update!

We have so many exciting things to let you know about with our Building the Future progress. The new kidstown building is looking great, we have started demolition in the Welcome Hallway for improvements and new bathrooms, and we have started making big progress in the Cafe.


There are many things going on inside the new KidsTown building right now.

  • Most of the sheetrock has been installed
  • Doorways, windows, and wiring have been installed
  • Most of the outside of the building has been finished
  • The glass for the Playscape room is installed and looks great.

Welcome Hallway

Upgrading our Welcome Hallway is a big part of our Building the Future initiative. In this part of the project, we will be pushing the glass out into the prayer garden to widen the Welcome Hallway and will be restructring rooms to have two big mens and women’s restrooms


 On September 4th, our staff began clearing out Welcome Hallway so they could begin asbestos abatement. The abatement crew came in on September 10th and made quick progress.


The mens and womens restrooms that were in welcome hallway were completely gutted along with the closet and the prayer chapel. 

The Cafe

The OLD Kidstown space will be the location of our future Cafe. There has been a lot of work done to abate the space, freshen up the walls and ceiling, and more. When finished, its going to be a great space!


Mike Sellers along with Matheus Oliveria, Kody Alvarez, Charles Womack, and some great strong students have been working on a refresh of the Moody Hall men’s restroom.


We are so thankful for the way you, our church family, have sacrificially and faithfully financially supported the Building the Future Initiative. If you haven’t had a chance to participate and would like to, visit

These are some of the businesses we are partnering with to Build the Future at Tabernacle.

Building the Future – December Update

On Sunday, December 9th, at 2:00 pm, we had a Ribbon Cutting ceremony for our new spaces. Along with dedicating the new KidsTown, we also unveiled the new Cafe and Welcome Hallway. God is Good and has done such amazing things through his church at Tabernacle. We look forward to what the future holds!

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Building the Future – November Update

A Word from our Children's MinisterWhen we began praying about a new space for our children, we had no idea that the space we'd be getting would be so amazing. We are thankful for the old space. A lot of kids heard about and got to know Jesus there. But we also had...

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Building the Future – October Update

Progress Everywhere! There are many moving parts right now. Along with the new KidsTown building, we are totally remodeling the bathrooms in the Welcome Hallway, Welcome Hallway has been widened, work is happening in the old Kidstown Worship area (that will become the...

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Building the Future August Update

Construction If you have driven by the church in the past week or two, you might have seen some of the changes going on to the outside of the building, but the inside is coming along quickly. The roof is almost finished - There has been a structure there since May,...

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Building the Future – July Update

Construction In the month of July, we have made some major visible progress. The exterior framing has been completed, exterior walls have been built and the they have begun framing the interior, running HVAC and fire sprinkler systems. When you walk into the building,...

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Building the Future – June Update

Construction We are so excited about the progress that GPD has made with the construction Process. They have been great to work with. Despite a few weather delays, they are making excellent progress. On May 25th, they began pouring the foundation. On May 31st, the...

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Building the Future – May Update

The KidsTown building has much of the plumbing and electrical put in place as they prepare to pour the foundation. These are some of the businesses we are partnering with to Build the Future at Tabernacle.

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Building the Future – April 2018 Update

April Progress Demolished old KidsTown ("A" Wing) Removed Foundation Extensive Dirtwork Dug 12 ft down Filled 8 inches at a time Packed & Treated each layer Filled back up to the top APRIL PHOTOSThese are some of the businesses we are partnering with to Build the...

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