Daddy Daughter Dance - Tabernacle | Experience Family - Ennis, TX

We are excited to have the opportunity to celebrate Daddys and Daughters. On Friday, June 17th, Tabernacle will be hosting our first annual Daddy Daughter Dance. Mark your calendars for this special event!

So much of our relationship tendencies begin in the home. Research states that a young woman will base her relationship with God the Father on her interactions with her earthly father figure.  Wouldn’t it be great if the church would come alongside the families to celebrate the different phases of our children’s life and give Moms and Dads opportunities to demonstrate how our self-worth comes from God?

Tabernacle desires to experience the presence of God with intentional investment, and so we are excited to announce that we will host our very first Daddy/Daughter Dance sponsored by the Children’s Ministry. All ages are welcomed to attend on Friday, June 17, at 6:00pm at the gym at Tabernacle. Come join us as we enjoy the current phases of our daughters before the next phase begins.