Prayer is at the center of every great evangelistic movement, and every movement is made up of everyday people. Use this guide over the next 30 days to pray for someone you know who needs the hope of the gospel.

He told them, “The harvest is abundant, but the workers are few. Therefore, pray to the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into his harvest. LUKE 10:2, CSB

God, raise up other Christians who have a relationship with ____________ who can partner with me in sharing the gospel with him/her. In particular, cause his/her believing friends, family or coworkers to take every opportunity to speak Truth into his/her life. Allow the words we all share to reinforce the truth of the gospel to ____________ and prompt him/her to consider the claims we are all making. Save ____________, and turn him/her into another laborer who will share the gospel to his/her circle of relationships as well.