Dillon Chase Concert – Wednesday, March 8th

6:30pm – Worship Center

Tabernacle Student Ministry is hosting Dillon Chase in concert on Wednesday, March 8th in the Worship Center. Although this is a student ministry event, all are welcome to attend. This is a free event. 

about ME – By Dillon Chase

“Tattered. Torn. Scattered. Scorned

Thrusted into chaos the day I was born.”

 Music wasn’t just something I heard on the radio; music was an outlet. In the summer of 1999 I began writing lyrics to create my own world as a means of escape from the grim reality of drug and alcohol addicted parents. By the age of 16 I left home to live with my Aunt for the third time. Confused by the hurt experienced in life and enslaved to my sin, I was destined for a painful and frustrating existence.

But God.

 I had a working concept of the gospel through church visits and summer camps. It wasn’t until 2004 that I recognized I was a sinner in offense to a holy God. During my senior year a family took me in that clearly modeled Jesus. I surrendered to Christ in September of 2004 and began using my gifts in a way that honors Jesus. The journey hasn’t been perfect, but the momentum has never stopped. From working with artists like Lecrae and Tedashii, traveling across the United States, to sharing with inmates and kids in group homes, my message is the same – be different; be like Jesus. I now reside in Oklahoma happily married to my wife of eleven years and raising four beautiful children. My wife also handles my booking, and my son travels with me as my DJ. My latest project “Speak Up Vol.3” charted at #14 on the iTunes Christian Music charts