Does She Really Understand - Women's Ministry - Tabernacle | Experience Family, Ennis TXThe other day I was talking to a mom who was concerned about her young daughter. The family was active in church, and she was inquiring about asking Jesus into her heart. She told me she felt her child wasn’t quite old enough to really understand what she was doing. Mom was asking my opinion as to what she should do.

I shared with her my story.

My daughter, Stacie, attended church for the first time at two weeks old. Of course, I didn’t want to put her in the nursery (germs and all, as she was my firstborn!), so I kept her with me until 6 weeks of age. (I found out the germs were still in the nursery…but God is sovereign over germs too, right?! She now had the opportunity to share HER germs with others!!)

We were there every time the doors were open…Sunday morning, Sunday night, Wednesday night, etc., etc., etc. She was a very precocious child, and picked up on things quickly.

One night at home, at 4 years old, she came to me and asked, “Mommy, can I ask Jesus into my heart?”

I was thrilled, but shocked. So I began to ask her questions. “Do you believe Jesus loves you?” “Yes.” Check. “What is sin?” “It’s when you do something wrong.” Check. “Do you believe Jesus died for you?” “Yes.” Check.

“Why?” “To save me from my sin.” Check. “Why would you want to ask Jesus in your heart?” “So I can go to heaven when I die.” Check.

Hmmmm. “Well,” I told her, “Why don’t you think about it for a little while, and we’ll talk about it later, maybe next week.” “OK.” Check. She’ll probably come back to me when she’s 5, or maybe 6. Done.

In two weeks, she was back again. We went through questions, and she answered them all correctly.

Same answer, think about it and we’ll talk about it next week. The end.

Not so much, as she came back a third time. “Mommy, WHEN can I ask Jesus in my heart?” OK. It’s time to call the pastor. Surely he can give me some advice. Actually, he gave me the BEST advice on this subject.

He said since she has been persistent, this is very important to her. He gave me two scenarios to consider:

  • If I continue to put her off, she may think it’s not as important as we all were claiming it was and forget it and as she grows she will discount the importance of knowing Jesus, and may NEVER come to Him.
  • If you allow her to pray and ask Jesus into her heart and grows up to realize she didn’t quite understand when she was 4, the Holy Spirit will prompt her to make a permanent decision for Christ.

I chose the second choice. I couldn’t dream of being the reason my precious daughter never came to know Christ.

That evening, in our bedroom, Stacie prayed to receive Jesus. I have questioned her several times as she has grown, and she is secure in her salvation, and even remembers us praying by the bedside.


“Suffer the little children, and forbid them not, to come unto Me, for of such is the Kingdom of heaven.”


Sharon Nix