By: Jeff Stapleton, Media & Communications Pastor

I’ll admit, I’m probably one of the worst at having rich people time. What do I mean by this? Do I need to spend more time with people who are rich? No, I’m talking about making sure that the time you do spend with others is meaningful and intentional. Its making sure that when somebody is talking, you are actually (actively) listening. Nothing makes people feel better than undivided attention…on the flipside, nothing says ‘I don’t care’ like halfway listening.

Its really easy to justify too. “I’m getting this ready for them, they know I don’t have time to stop,” or “I can’t talk with them, I need to finish this dinner,” or, “They understand, this text message is really important.”

Over the next two weeks, many of us will encounter a lot of friends and family. Some of these will be people we see all the time, but others will be faces you only see once a year. Its easy to bury ourselves in holiday busy-ness this time of year. We run from party to party, and gathering to gathering. We can easily trick ourselves into thinking that doing things alongside our friends and family is the same thing as being with them. Its not.

I want to encourage you over the next two weeks to make sure you can have a rich and fulfilling people time. Here are a few steps that I’m going to take this week to let people know I care about them:

  • I’m going to leave my laptop and cell phone in my bedroom or in the car as often as possible. Looking at screens while sitting with other people who are also looking at screens is typically NOT rich people time.
  • I’ve got a collection of group games and activities for those times that I know we’ll just be sitting around doing nothing.
  • I’m going to spend time listening to what others are saying, not just staring in their direction, letting their words hit my ears.
  • I am going to seek out conversations longer than 30 seconds.
  • I will maintain eye contact with the people I’m talking with. This is a hard one for me because I get REALLY distracted.

I’m sure I could keep going. These are a few of the steps I’m going to take. This truth has hit me hard. What do you think? Are you a great people time person, or do you find your people time lacking?