This Week’s Sermon

When the Valleys Call

Read Proverbs 3:5-6

Scriptures Referenced in the Sermon- Exodus 14, Numbers 20:2-13, Luke 22

Main Point: God will lead us into valleys to reveal more about Himself to us.


  • Have you had an experience that you would consider a spiritual valley? What kind of things would you consider to be a spiritual valley?
    • A death in the family, an illness, loss of job, a job that you hate…
  • Does God lead us into spiritual valleys? If God does lead us into spiritual valleys, why would He do such a thing?
    • Some people have a crisis of faith when they walk through hard times because they believed that God would never allow anything bad to happen to them. As a leader, be sure you emphasize God never promises that we will not face hard times or lose people that we love. 
  • What did God reveal to you about Himself in the valley? 
    • Really press in to help them see how God moved in their situation. You may have to ask questions to dig deeper. The things God may have revealed is that He is their Healer, Provider, Comforter…
  • What should our response be to trials and difficulties in the valleys of our life?
  • What trials are you experiencing now? Knowing that you need to stop trying to solve the situation yourself and surrender it to God, how do you move forward?
  • In your current trials, what is God showing you about Himself in the valley?
  • In the recent weeks we learned about mountain top experiences and valleys. Describe the nature of walking with God.
  • Homework: Go around the room and say the name of a person in your life you think may be going through a valley. Commit to calling this week to check on them and give them encouragement.