This Week’s Sermon:

The Few, The Proud, The Biblical Fathers

Read Col. 3:21


  • If your dad were a cartoon character who would he be?
  • What is a favorite memory of your father?
  • What about your dad would you like your spouse to emulate the most to your family?
  • If you are a father with kids in the house, out of the house, or planning on being a father one day, how would you define the type of father you want to be?
  • God is our heavenly Father. Which of God’s fatherly attributes is your favorite? 
  • What does “fathers do not exasperate your children” mean?
  • How have you seen fathers exasperate their children? Have you caught yourself exasperating your children?
  • How did your dad model being emotionally available for you? What kind of impact did that make on your life positively or negatively?
  • Fathers are to be available and not distant. What will you do, or have you done, to be available for your kids emotionally? 
  • When considering that a Father should be available, discuss how the Father had made Himself available to us.
  • Homework:Dad’s create an accountability group to work through the Father’s Day book together Rewriting Fathers.