This Week’s Sermon:

A Mountain Made for a King: Mount Calvary

Read Mark 15:1-39

Sermon Points

  • The King on Trial 
  • The King Tortured 
  • The King Crucified 


  • Explain why it is an oxymoron that the Jews and Pilate would put Jesus on trial?
  • Pilate seems to be looking for any reason to set Jesus free. Why didn’t Jesus just speak up and say He was innocent?
  • What does it mean that God is sovereign?
  • What does it mean that we need to trust God’s sovereignty when we are going through suffering?
  • Have you ever had to weather a bad situation that God did not change? Pastor Todd challenged us not to grow weary doing good in situations like that. How did you or what do you wish you would have done differently to honor God through your bad situation?
  • How hard is it to trust God when you cannot feel the presence of God in your life? How do you combat those feelings?
  • We often talk about the death of Christ and the importance of the atonement. What does it mean that Jesus atoned for our sins? Read Hebrew 10:18-22. What does this mean?