This Week’s Sermon:

When the Valleys Call

Read Proverbs 3:5-6

Scriptures Referenced in the Sermon- Exodus 14, Numbers 20:2-13, Luke 22

Main Point: God will lead us into valleys to reveal more about Himself to us.


  • Have you had an experience that you would consider a spiritual valley? What kind of things would you consider to be a spiritual valley?
  • Does God lead us into spiritual valleys? If God does lead us into spiritual valleys, why would He do such a thing?
  • What did God reveal to you about Himself in the valley? 
  • What should our response be to trials and difficulties in the valleys of our life?
  • What trials are you experiencing now? Knowing that you need to stop trying to solve the situation yourself and surrender it to God, how do you move forward?
  • In your current trials, what is God showing you about Himself in the valley?
  • In the recent weeks we learned about mountain top experiences and valleys. Describe the nature of walking with God.
  • Homework: Go around the room and say the name of a person in your life you think may be going through a valley. Commit to calling this week to check on them and give them encouragement.