This Week’s Sermon:

The Few, The Proud, The Biblical Fathers

Read Col. 3:21


  • If your dad were a cartoon character who would he be?
  • What is a favorite memory of your father?
  • What about your dad would you like your spouse to emulate the most to your family?
    • Keep the spouse from getting negative like, “Jerry never takes us anywhere. I wish he were as adventurous as my dad.”
  • If you are a father with kids in the house, out of the house, or planning on being a father one day, how would you define the type of father you want to be?
  • God is our heavenly Father. Which of God’s fatherly attributes is your favorite? 
  • What does “fathers do not exasperate your children” mean?
    • Todd defined it as a father who abuses his authority. Think about the “bad dad” at the baseball field yelling at his kid.
  • How have you seen fathers exasperate their children? Have you caught yourself exasperating your children?
  • How did your dad model being emotionally available for you? What kind of impact did that make on your life positively or negatively?
  • Fathers are to be available and not distant. What will you do, or have you done, to be available for your kids emotionally? 
    • The daddy daughter dance is an excellent example. Have them to talk about what they do on a weekly/ daily basis.
  • When considering that a Father should be available, discuss how the Father had made Himself available to us.
    • God moved heaven and earth to be available. God became man and dwelt among us. God allowed that which He created to kill Him. God paid our overwhelming debt just to be with us and to make Himself present and available in our lives today.
  • Homework:Dad’s create an accountability group to work through the Father’s Day book together Rewriting Fathers.