This Week’s Sermon:

Midnight on the Mountain

Read Mark 14:32-36

Main Point:

  • At midnight on the mountain we receive a richer, deeper, clearer vision of God.

Sermon Points

  • In Suffering, Don’t Rely on Yourself
  • Make Your Pain Known to the Father 
  • There is no Glory with Suffering 


  • We know that Jesus was both fully human and fully God, but this passage shows His humanity in suffering. Do you sometimes overlook the humanity of Christ when reading the Passion Narrative?  
  • Did Jesus’ garden experience reveal something new to you about Jesus?
  • Have you ever experienced the grace of God through your church family in suffering?
    • You will probably have to give an example of how you did this or at some point needed it.
  • Is there anyone in the church family that you trust enough to bring into your struggles and pain like Jesus did with His three closest disciples? Who is your person?
    • Give the circumstances that made those relationships.
  • Why do you think it is so difficult to let people into our suffering? Are those reasons good enough to not let people in your suffering?
  • What does it mean to rely on God in suffering? (Specifically, what do you do?)
    • We are wanting to know how people pray, ask for help in prayer, or an example of when they were suffering and what they did.
  • How does it feel that God’s refusals to remove suffering are always His mercies to us? Have you ever seen this to be true in you life?
  • If you have children, explain the difference in your child requesting your time, money, or effort as opposed to some random child on the street that does not love you?
  • As Christians we get to make requests of God like Jesus calling God Abba, whichmeans daddy. How does getting to ask God as your Daddy/ Father different from everyone else in creation? Does that or should that change how we pray?
  • When Jesus asked the Father to change His will about going to the cross, did it offend God? 
  • Have you ever not prayed for something because you were scared God would be offended by the request?
  • Homework – Discuss a way that your Life Group might want to serve the community this summer. Set a date for it.