This Week’s Sermon:

Mount of Temptation 

Read Matthew 4:1-11

Sermon Points

  • Be Ready for Temptation 
  • When Tempted, Respond with Scripture 


  • Todd gave us three steps to preparing ourselves for temptation: Step 1 – Know Your EnemyStep 2 – Prepare SpirituallyStep 3 – God Allows Temptation. 
  • Who is the enemy that we face? 
  • Are you one who struggles to believe that there are powers and evil forces that we cannot see like Satan and his legion of demons?
  • Do you think if Christians really believed that Satan and the powers of darkness were real they would prepare for their attacks differently? What things do you think Christians would do differently?
  • Step 1 is Know Your Enemy and Step 2 is Prepare Spiritually for the temptations and attacks from the enemy. What were the two things noted in the sermon as things we should do to prepare ourselves?
  • Read the Bible and Pray.
  • How did Pastor Todd say we shift from the concept of preparation (through Bible reading and prayer) and create actionable tools that can be used in our everyday lives?
  • Self Discipline – We need to create habits like making prayer a part of our lifestyle, reading and meditating on the Word, and memorizing passages.
  • Have you ever had an area of your life in which you had no self-discipline? Some examples are diet, workout, housework, or addiction. What caused the switch in your mind that finally allowed you to apply discipline to that part of your life?
  • Currently, are there areas in your spiritual life that are lacking in discipline? Some examples would be prayer, reading the word, bible memorization, and disciplining your children.
  • What are practical ways we can create disciplines in our spiritual lives? The goal is to turn from knowing to doing. How do these disciplines do that?
  • Explain why we should be encouraged knowing that God allows us to go through temptation.
    • Pastor Todd says that the purpose of our temptation is not for our failure, but our victory. God uses temptation for our good and so we would bring God glory through it.