This Week’s Sermon:

Love Others In Your Liberty

Read 1 Corinthians 10:1-17

  • Learn Lessons from the Past 10:1-5
  • Avoid The Pitfalls of Spiritual Pride 10:6-11
  • Turn to God and Avoid Falling to Temptation 10:12-13


  • Do you think God punishes believers because of the sin we commit?
  • Does God punish His people in the Bible for sinning? In what ways did God punish His people in the Bible?
  • What does it look like for believers to deal with God’s punishment/ or the consequences of their sin? Give examples.
  • What are some examples of how the American society has combined Jesus with idol worship?
  • What are good practices that we can put in place to keep from falling into sin?
  • Todd encouraged us “to learn from the past” what are some simple ways that we can apply this idea?
  • We are all prone to grumbling like the Israelites. What do you do to fight your flesh when you start becoming negative and ungrateful?
  • Who is Your One – Prayer time
    • As we prepare for Easter we are starting a series called “Who is Your One.” Our goal is that each of us would bring one person/ family not connected to a church or has a relationship with Jesus to church.
  • As a group let’s pray for these things everyday this week. o We are praying that God would…
  • Lay one person on our hearts.
    • Use people in our church to bring their “one” to faith in Jesus.
    • Grant courage to our church to invite their “one” to a service.
    • Use our Cross Service to show lost people the depths of the love of God.
    • Use the Easter service to convict believers who are not connected to God to repent of their sins and become connected to the ministries of Tabernacle.