Main Idea: Through Surrendering To Jesus, You Can Find Purpose.

Discussion Questions:

  • Tell us about a moment (or moments) in your life where you felt the most “stuck.” It may be something as small as a broken-down vehicle or as big as a season of life. Was it because of the choices you made or was it just the circumstances around you?

Read Luke 5:1-11

  • Have a few people in the group share about a time when they just couldn’t figure out something (a task, a problem) that falls in your specialty.
  • When Simon sees Jesus and the crowds at the shore, he probably felt inconvenienced. Are there some things that the modern “Jesus crowd (Christians & churches)” do that can be frustrating to those who are approaching Jesus for the first time?
  • What are some circumstances today that keep us from answering the call of God?
  • There is a study that says says to begin sinking a boat the size that Simon and his crew were using, it would have taken 62,000 pounds of fish?! The value of a catch this size, split between 4 men, would have been the equivalent of anywhere between 12 and 36 YEARS worth of pay. 
    • Scripture doesn’t say what happened to these fish. What do you think happened? Did Simon and his crew walk away from the fish forever, or did they sell the fish, using the profits to sustain Jesus and the disciples throughout their ministry? Which scenario makes the best miracle story?

Personal Challenge:

Simon later became “Simon Peter,” one of the 12 disciples, but he didn’t start as one. He responded to Jesus in a series of small steps. First, he let Jesus use his boat. Then, he let down his net, despite the absurd request. Next, he acknowledged his own sinfulness and Jesus’ authority. And then, he responds to Jesus’ call to service.

  • What next step do you need to take?
  • Are you guilty of making a new believer feel like they need to “earn” an opportunity to serve?
  • Has God called you to something specific that you may have ignored or forgotten about?