Captivated By Christ: Galatians  

Galatians 4:12-5:1

Church Vision Statement 

We are a biblically rooted church that wants to help you overcome life’s emptiness through a deeper relationship with Christ and a connection to a family who cares.


  • Seasonal Question: What is the most overrated Thanksgiving dish?

Read: Galatians 3:14-4:11

12 I plead with you, brothers and sisters, become like me, for I became like you. You did me no wrong. 13 As you know, it was because of an illness that I first preached the gospel to you,14 and even though my illness was a trial to you, you did not treat me with contempt or scorn. Instead, you welcomed me as if I were an angel of God as if I were Christ Jesus himself.15 Where, then, is your blessing of me now? I can testify that, if you could have done so, you would have torn out your eyes and given them to me. 16 Have I now become your enemy by telling you the truth?

17 Those people are zealous to win you over, but for no good. What they want is to alienate you from us, so that you may have zeal for them. 18 It is fine to be zealous, provided the purpose is good, and to be so always, not just when I am with you. 19 My dear children, for whom I am again in the pains of childbirth until Christ is formed in you, 20 how I wish I could be with you now and change my tone because I am perplexed about you!

21 Tell me, you who want to be under the law, are you not aware of what the law says? 22 For it is written that Abraham had two sons, one by the slave woman and the other by the free woman.23 His son by the slave woman was born according to the flesh,but his son by the free woman was born as the result of a divine promise.

24 These things are being taken figuratively: The women represent two covenants. One covenant is from Mount Sinai and bears children who are to be slaves: This is Hagar. 25 Now Hagar stands for Mount Sinai in Arabia and corresponds to the present city of Jerusalem, because she is in slavery with her children. 26 But the Jerusalem that is above is free, and she is our mother. 27 For it is written:

“Be glad, barren woman,

    you who never bore a child;

shout for joy and cry aloud,

    you who were never in labor;

because more are the children of the desolate woman

    than of her who has a husband.”

28 Now you, brothers and sisters, like Isaac, are children of promise. 29 At that time the son born according to the flesh persecuted the son born by the power of the Spirit. It is the same now. 30 But what does Scripture say? “Get rid of the slave woman and her son, for the slave woman’s son will never share in the inheritance with the free woman’s son.”[f] 31 Therefore, brothers and sisters, we are not children of the slave woman, but of the freewoman.

5 It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.

Week Review: 

  • Did you have an opportunity to invest in someone this week? How can you use that opportunity to talk about knowing Christ or to invite them to Tabernacle?

Transformation Questions:

  • Describe a time in worship or in your life when you know you were in the manifest presence of the Lord, there was no denying that God was in that place speaking to you.
  • Lingering long in the presence of God most often looks like worshiping Him in the silence of prayer and reading the Word. What obstacles keep you from lingering in the presence of God?
  • What are your daily practices for worship? Where, when, and how do you spend time with God daily in worship?
  • Has anyone shared a daily practice that you would be interested in incorporating into your daily worship?
  • How have you seen people your age or yourself choose preference over participation in worship? 
  • Pastor Todd made the point when you feel out of control you try to control others. What types of things make you feel out of control? How do you feel yourself trying to control the situation and others when you feel out of control?
  • Now that we have named the problem of feeling out of control, how do we fix it? We can’t change circumstances, but how can we change the feeling of being out of control? 
  • The holidays are coming. Let’s think about how we can leverage the season to invite, invest, and pray for people.
    • How can you start inviting people to church and/or to know Jesus? Do you think people would be more open to the idea or conversation during Christmas? 
    • Who do you think you will start investing in and how?
    • Take some time to pray together that God would bless and bring about the harvest.