This Week’s Sermon: Leader Guide
Be Your Brother’s Keeper
(Meat Sacrificed to Idols)

Read 1 Corinthians 8:1-13

Message Points:

  • Proper Knowledge of God Leads to Christian Liberty (8:1-6)
  • Be Careful that the Use of Your Christian Liberty Does not Enslave Someone Else (8:7-13)


  • What do we mean by “Christian Liberties” or “Christian Freedoms” and what are types of things that could be considered Christian liberties?
    • 1 Corinthians 6:12 – All things are lawful for me, but not all things are helpful. All things are lawful for me, but I will not be dominated by anything.
    • We are free to participate in anything that is not sinful or dishonors God. Examples are given in 1 Cor. 5 and 6… certain foods, marriage (to be married or not to be married), sex, parenting, and so on. Describe a healthy view of using your Christian Liberty. Here are three ways people approach Christian liberties.
  • Which describes you and which are not healthy views for pursuing Christian liberties? Feel free to give situational examples to any of the options:
  1. I know what my freedoms are, but I will restrain from participating in them to keep from causing someone to sin. 
  2. I will participate in whatever freedoms I want, but I will do them behind closed doors where I will not cause anyone to stumble.
  3. I chose to participate in my liberties where I am.
  • Discuss the positive and negative sides of these views on Christian liberty.
  • Why should it concern me that my weaker brother falls into sin over my words or actions?
    • We are called to build one another up in the body of Christ
  • What are examples of freedoms we have, but need to watch closely in case they cause someone to fall into sin. Discuss how these things could still be enjoyed, but in a way that is mindful of your brother or sister.
    • Television consumption needs to be discussed here as well as any other hot topic you choose.
    • The things we consume, how much we consume, what we watch, how we talk, political stances,
  • Is the passage talking about offending a mature brother by participating in a liberty/ freedom that they just don’t agree with?
    • No, it is not. This is talking about doing something that would cause a person to fall into sin because they are not mature enough or don’t have the will power to participate in it and not fall into sin. How does self-restraint play into Christian liberty? Just because you are free to do something does not mean that you should do that thing. Like a country with nuclear warheads can shoot them at anytime and destroy a civilization but just because they can does not mean that they should. Our actions may have unintended consequences on other people we would wish to protect.