Life Disrupted

Genesis 37-50

Genesis 50:20, “As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good”

Church Vision Statemen

We are a biblically rooted church that wants to help you overcome life’s emptiness through a deeper relationship with Christ and connection to a family who cares.

Transformation Questions:

  • Have you had a situation in your life where someone did evil against you, even if it took years as in the case of Joseph, but you were able to see how God worked it out for your good?
  • If you were in Joseph’s shoes, do you think you would have responded as well as he did after being sold to Potipher? Do you think you would sulk or would you be able to work as unto the Lord? 
  • Imagine you were put in prison for a sex crime that you did not commit. Do you think you could serve the prison that was imprisoning you as to the Lord or do you think you would be mad at God and your circumstances?
  • What does it mean to trust God? 
  • Have you ever had to trust God with something for a prolonged period of time for deliverance? What were your biggest obstacles in trusting God?
  • Do you feel like the pandemic is outside of God’s control or ability?
  • Can you see God’s providence in your life among all the tragedies in our country?
  • Not being able to see through to the end of the pandemic, what are the things you feel are the hardest to trust God with?