This Week’s Sermon: 

The Mountains Are Calling: Mount Moriah

Read Genesis 22:1-18

  • Trust In God as Provider
  • Trust and Obey
  • Take your Trust in God’s Providence and Share it with Others


  • If you were Abraham, what emotions would you have if you were on the top of that mountain with your first born?
  • Have you ever experienced desperation for the Lord to provide? How did the Lord provide? Have you ever stopped to think how crazy is it that the Lord is involved in that moment in your life?
  • God provided the ram stuck in the bush for Abraham and Isaac. How doe the ram symbolize Christ? 
  • What is the thing you do that makes your kids throw the biggest temper tantrum? Explain why that thing is in their best interest. 
  • Do you have a situation where you have asked God, “Why are you doing this to me?” How did it end up being for your good?
  • What are things that cause us to forget God is always working for our good?
  • What would you consider a mountain topexperience in your life?
  • From that mountain top experience, what do you think God wants you to share with the people around you?
  • Go around the ROOM: What will you do this week to follow up with your One after Easter? Did your One participate in the Cross Service or Easter Service?