This Week’s Sermon: 

Read Exodus 19:1-20

Mount Sinai: God is Holy and We are Not

  • God is Holy
  • We are not Holy
  • God Gives Ten Commandments 
  • Concentrate Yourself 

Announcements: Mother’s Day a guide will not be provided. Go love on your family. 


  • What is the biggest thing God has sent you through that you had to prepare for?
  • Have you ever thought about needing to prepare yourself to worship or interact with God?
  • From this passage and the sermon, we learned about the holiness of God. What does it mean that God is holy? When you think of God’s holiness what comes to mind?
  • Whether or not we realize it, we interact with God every moment of the day. But, there are three times that we are intentional about it: our time in prayer, reading the Bible, and the worship service. What ways do you feel like you come to God too casually in prayer, reading the Bible, and worship service?
  • If we want to come to God more seriously, we need to start consecrating ourselves to God. What does “consecrate yourself” mean?
  • What are some ways that Todd gave us to consecrate ourselves to God? What are some other ways to consecrate ourselves to God that weren’t mentioned in the sermon?
  • Out of all the ways we’ve talked about consecrating ourselves to God, are there any that you think you should or will start doing?
  • Homework: Guys with Guys and Ladies with Ladies- Start a text chain of accountability. Throughout the week, hold each other accountable. Check in with each other at least twice.
  • Homework: Reach out to someone in your group that maybe you haven’t seen in a while or someone that is in the room just to let them know you love them and care about what is going on in their lives.