Psalm 127:3-5

Marriage: Parenting 

Transformation Questions:

Read Psalm 127:3-5

  • What is the funniest frustrating thing that your kids have done?
  • What are the dangers of thinking you need to “earn” your salvation?
    • Your service will become obligatory and not joy. It might become about competing with others to look better than them.
  • What is the difference between self-motivation and Gospel-motivation?
    • Self-motivation is about you while Gospel-motivation is about Him.
  • Why is it important to view your children with the right mindset? What is the right mindset?
    • Life and kids can be frustrating. It’s in these moments that satan can use our frustration to take things out on our kids. The right mindset is viewing our kids as they are: a gift and a blessing from God.
  • When you think of legacy, what legacy do you want to leave professionally and in your church? 
  • What legacy would you like your children and grandchildren to leave about you?
    • Don’t fly by this question; some people have never stopped to think about it. 
  • What do you think about parents who smother their kids in a way that never allows them to fail? What are appropriate ways to enable your kids to fail and what are inappropriate ways?
    • An appropriate way to let a kid fail would be failing a class or test because they did not do their work. Inappropriate ways are things that lead your kids to spiritual failure and spiritual failure. Like, don’t let your young child walk into the road or put up all kinds of barriers to keep them from seeing inappropriate material on the internet. 
  • What do you think your kids would say if you were to ask them, “What is the most important thing in the world to you?” How would you want them to answer that question? What are you currently doing, or need to start doing, to get them to answer that way?
  • How much time do you have left with your kids? How are you doing in training them with the time you have left with them?
  • What are the wrong goals that people often have for their children
  • What are the wrong goals that you have had for your children?
  • What are the goals that we should have for our children that are God-honoring?
  • How are you equipping your children, or did you provide your children to launch them into the world?
  • What did Pastor Todd mean by his statement, “Our children are weapons against the enemy?” Have you ever considered your children are a weapon against the enemy?


Be in thought about a project(s) your Lifegroup can do in the community. When you decide your project, please email [email protected] so we can keep track of what God is doing through our church. 

A service project coming in October is Band Night at the football game. Parents work the concession stands and don’t get to watch their kids march, so we take over for the night and allow the parents to participate in their student’s last home game of the year. 


Set a reminder on your phone right now to encourage another couple in the group to make their spouse a priority this week. (Guys with Guys and Girls with Girls)


Remember, childcare is from 5:45 to 7:30. Please do not drop them off earlier than 5:45 or pick them up later than 7:30.