The Gospel of the Resurrection 

1 Cor. 15:9-19

Transformation Questions:

  • What’s the greatest news you’ve been able to share (or brag about) with people? (New baby, promotion, a championship, a gift, an award, etc.)
  • Entrance into the Kingdom of God means we accept a position as heralds of the Gospel. What does that mean?
    • It means we should go and tell people about Jesus.
  • How can you be a herald for the Kingdom of God tomorrow? 
    • Wherever you go, tell someone that the good king has risen. 
  • Do you know someone that heralds the Kingdom of God? What characteristics do they have that makes them successful in heralding the Kingdom of God? 
  • What does grace mean?
    • Getting something that you do not deserve or receiving a gift despite your actions.
  • Paul understands he does not deserve the Gospel or any of God’s forgiveness. What have you been given in this world that you surely did not deserve?
  • What are some things you have done that have made you think that God could or should not forgive you?
  • What does there is more grace in God than sin in you mean?
  • Paul said his motivation was grace. What does it mean for us to be motivated by grace?
    • He considered how much that he had been forgiven and used that as the motivation for his actions. 
  • Would you say you motivated to take action because of God’s grace towards you?
  • What does the word Gospel mean? How would the people in the context of the first century understand someone if they said they had a Gospel message?
    • The word means good news.
    • They would have understood that Jesus was talking about new, national Good news. 
  • How has the resurrection impacted your future reality, now and when you die? 
    • The earth is temporary, but when I die, I will one day be raised from the dead. 
  • The members of the church in Corinth were allowing the philosophy of the day to dictate how they interpreted the truthfulness of Scripture and the resurrection. In what ways do you feel like the modern church allows the philosophy of the day to dictate our understanding of Scripture? 


Take a moment and plan a game night or a night out with your group. Look at your calendars and set a date. 


We are looking for 30 Trunks. Trunk or Treat is October 31st, 6pm-8pm. Trunks will need to be set up and decorated by 5:30pm. Cars will need to stay and be manned until 8:30pm. There will be a contest for those who would like to enter. Please sign up at the Hub.

Thursday, October 31st – 6-8pm

All Ellis County families are invited to come out to our Trunk or Treat Fall Festival on Thursday, October 31st, from 6:00 – 8:00 pm. This is a FREE event for the community. We’ll have games, candy, bounce houses, and a lot of fun!


The first way you can participate is just by showing up! Trunk or Treat will be in our parking lot. Our address is 1200 Country Club Rd., Ennis TX, 75119. Come in your favorite costume and a great attitude. We hope you have a great time

For more information, contact the church office (972) 875-3861, or email our Children’s minister, [email protected] 


Another way you can be involved is by giving out candy and running a game out of the trunk of your vehicle. All cars/vehicles are welcome! All cars must complete a registration form at the link above.