Gifts of Expectation 

Isaiah 9:6-7

Transformation Questions:

  • Go around the room and answer these two questions.
    • What is your most cherished memory of Christmas as a child? 
    • What is your favorite Christmas tradition that you do right now or that you want to start?
  • It is easy to get excited and anticipate all the gifts, the giving, and, the travel to see family. What do you do with your family to create excitement and anticipation of worshiping Jesus on Christmas?
  • What should the Jews be anticipating from the Isaiah 9:6-7 passage? Read the passage, discuss the different images concerning Christ, and what they mean.
    • Literally everything here is an illusion to Christ. (government resting on the son’s shoulders, the names given to Jesus, Jesus’ government will bring truth, Jesus’ government will be forever and he will uphold righteousness and justice.)
  • What does it mean that Jesus will reverse the curse?
    • This is referring back to Genesis 3 when sin came into the world.
  • Read Genesis 3:15. This is the first image of Christ in the Bible. Explain what the expectation of Jesus is from this passage.
    • Jesus will be the one who crushes the head of the ancient serpent, our adversary, the devil. First, the serpent will strike his heel, this was the cross.
  • Do you struggle seeing Jesus in the Old Testament? Growing up, were you taught that Jesus was in the Old Testament?
    • Many people do not think that Jesus is in the Old Testament with a few obscure references in the prophecies. We want our people to know that everything is building to the moment of Christ coming and the Old Testament teaches about who Jesus is and what Jesus was coming to do.
  • With the New Year coming, answer these questions.
    • What was your favorite memory from 2019?
    • Thinking about the New Year we think about resolutions. If you could change one thing about your spiritual life for the better what would it be?
    • What do you think you could do to strengthen that part of your life?