1 Corinthians 13

LOVE Has Everything To Do With It!

Transformation Questions:

Read 1 Corinthians 13

  • Why does is love better than faith and hope?
    • Faith and hope with both eventually pass away. When we stand before God in His heaven there will be no need for faith or hope. When we look in His face there will only be love.
  • How would you define the love that is being talked about here?
    • Remember this morning we talked about the Greek world having many words for love that meant different things. We have one word for love that means many different things. The love here is agapa, which is the type of love that seeks the best for others and it is a self-sacrificial love.
  • Will God be pleased with us if we do the right things but for the wrong reasons? What are wrong reasons and what are the right reasons?
    • No, God is not pleased. He says we are nothing but clanging cymbals.
  • What types of right things have you done in the past for the wrong reasons?
  • How can we fight to keep love at the center of our service?
  • If we can only worship God by living in love and love keeps no record of wrong, what do we do with people who have wronged us?
    • Forgiveness doesn’t forget debt. Forgiveness does away with the debt with full knowledge of the debt. When we think about the wrong practically, we must fight to not dwell on our frustration. We also shouldn’t retell the story to others and ourselves as much as we think of it.


Be in thought about a project(s) your Lifegroup can do in the community. When you decide your project, please email [email protected] so we can keep track of what God is doing through our church.


Look around the room and notice anyone missing. The summer is an easy time to get lost or fall through the cracks. Set a reminder on your phone right now to text or call them.


September 8th: Lifegroup Re-launch. We ask you to meet in the new Welcome Hallway to recruit and make connections.