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Be Committed to Your ONE

Read Luke 5:17-26

  • Be On Mission and Bring People to Jesus… Starting with ONE
  • Come to Jesus with Expectations
  • When Life Presents you Obstacles, Don’t Give Up
  • Bring Your ONE to Jesus and He will Provide What They Need


  • What is the point of Who’s Your ONE?
    • That we would pick one family or friend who is either not a Christian or not connected to a church and introduce them to Jesus or get them back involved in church.
  • What did the commitment of the men look like getting their friend to Jesus?
  • What will commitment look like to your ONE?
    • Going through the prayer guide provided on the app, inviting them to lunch, etc.
    • It might be necessary to get creative in building this relationship. The men had to think creatively to get their friend in front of Jesus.
  • What were the obstacles that the men faced getting their friend to Jesus?
    • Not being able to get through the crowd, carrying their friend to the roof, and cutting a hole in the house.
  • With the person God has put on your heart as your ONE, what are obstacles that you are expecting to face with them?
  • What do you think you are going to have to do to overcome those obstacles?
  • What were the expectations of the men concerning Jesus’ ability to help their friend?
    • Confidence that Jesus would heal him.
  • When you think about your ONE, do you hesitate because you wander if Jesus can “really” help them? Do you struggle with doubt when praying for God to change the life of your ONE?
  • Why do you think we struggle with bringing people to Jesus? In what ways do we need to change our expectations for what Jesus can do?
  • Who is Your One – Prayer time
    • As we prepare for Easter we are starting a series called “Who is Your ONE.” Our goal is that each of us would bring one person/ family not connected to a church or in relationship with Jesus to church.
    • As a group let’s pray for these things everyday this week.
    • We are praying that God would…
      • Lay one person on our heart.
      • Use people in our church to bring their ONE to faith in Jesus.
      • Grant courage to our church to invite their ONE to a service.
      • Use our Cross Service to show lost people the depths of the love of God.
      • Use the Easter service to convict believers who are not connected to God to repent of their sins and become connected to the ministries of Tabernacle.