Life Disrupted

1 Kings 17:1-16 

Main Point:

Life is disrupted but in Christ, you are never alone and if you stand with Him, God will use you to magnify His name. 

Church Vision Statemen

We are a biblically rooted church that wants to help you overcome life’s emptiness through a deeper relationship with Christ and connection to a family who cares.

Transformation Questions:

  • Let’s take a second praise God for our moms. What is your favorite memory with your mom?
    • Don’t skip past these questions about moms. The point is to point people to praise God for the mothers that he has given us and to encourage mothers to see the power of their role. 
    • Let everyone tell their stories. 
  • For our moms: What is your favorite memory as a mom? 
    • Don’t skip past this question. Draw the moms to praise God by reflecting on good memories. 
  • Did your mom play a role in you coming to know Jesus? 
  • How powerful do you think the role of a mother could be in their children coming to know Jesus?
  • Who would you consider the most influential woman in your life spiritually? 
  • Have you ever seen anyone exhibit generosity in their own poverty like how the widow gave food to Elijah out of the last little bit that she had?
  • (This is not humble bragging. It is ok to answer) Has there ever been a time that you felt led to give to something? 
  • What were you thoughts prior to giving? Were you trying to figure out if you were really being called to give?
    • I know for myself, I ask questions to try and distinguish whether or not it is God leading me. I also might start trying to talk myself out of it. 
  • The blessings of the Lord were not shown to the woman until she was faithful in giving as the Lord had led her. Have you ever experienced a blessing after giving up something whether it was time, money, or your stuff?
  • God disrupted an entire region with famine and cared about this woman and her son. God sends Elijah out of his way to provide for a woman that the Bible does not even name. In the midst of this global pandemic, what lessons can we draw from this story to apply to our lives?
  • Is anyone in the group aware of someone who has a need or a way that our LifeGroup can serve?