This Week’s Sermon: 

Read 1 Kings 18

Mount Carmel: Trust God

  • God is All Powerful Without Compare
  • We are Weak and Need God to Fight for Us 
  • Trust Him


  • What are common reasons that God’s people say they don’t trust God or believe He is real? 
    • See if you can gather a few common themes.
  • How do you know that you can trust God?
    • Most people will point to physical evidence, their feelings, and some will point to scripture.
  • Have you ever prayed and waited years for an answer like Elijah?
  • What is God’s greatest display of power he has done in your life?
    • A loved one healed, a marriage reconciled, people saved…
  • How would you define a miracle?
  • What has God done in your life or in the lives of others that you would consider a miracle?
    • If your LifeGroup has difficulty thinking of a miracle, remind them that as believers God has done the greatest miracle in their life of saving them and turning their heart of stone into a heart of flesh. 
  • Have you ever told anyone how God has moved in your life? Explain how you could work God moving into a conversation.
  • Is there an area of weakness in your life that you believe God has used for His glory?
  • God sent Elijah down the mountain to trust Him. Where do you struggle with trusting God?
  • What are some things that you do to daily fight against not trusting God?
    • Staying in Scripture, telling myself the truth even when I don’t feel like trusting, praying for more faith…
  • Homework: Who are two people that you are going to tell about a miracle God has done in your life? 
  • To Do: Everyone pull out your calendars and pick a day in May or June to do something fun together.
  • Calendar Items:June 2ndPicnic in the Park at 6pm and Lake Day July 14that 5pm.