This Week’s Sermon: 

Read Luke 9:28-36

Mount Hermon: 

Listen to the Real Jesus

  • Jesus Is Exclusive 
  • Listen to Jesus
  • Take the Truth of Jesus with you


  • If you are Peter during the transfiguration of Jesus, what is going through your mind watching this event take place? 
  • We live in a postmodern society that says everyone’s opinion is equally valid. Is this a true statement? Why or why not? 
    • Two opposing ideas cannot both be true. 
  • Critique this postmodern statement and describe what is wrong with this idea. 
    • There is no absolute truth.
      • By saying this it implies there is an absolute truth and that makes this statement their absolute truth.
  • Why is Jesus the exclusive way to heaven?
    • The Gospel is the answer. Jesus is the only way to heaven because He came from heaven. Jesus is God and bridges the gap of eternity for us and took the wrath of God on our behalf.
  • How do all other religions (Buddhism, Mormonism, Jehovah Witnesses, Islam) claim that someone gets to heaven? What makes Jesus’ claims different?
    • Other religions claim your entrance into heaven depends on doing good works. When you do good works, you get favor from God. Christianity says that you’re sinful and can only sin; Jesus, the only good one, died in your place so that you can have eternal life.
  • How do you know that you are actually listening to God? 
    • The things that God tells us will only line up with His Word, so we have to search out His Word.
  • Have you ever thought that you heard from God, but then felt guilty that you did not act in obedience?
  • Peter did not want to come down the mountain. He wanted to just stay there with Elijah, Moses, and the transfigured Christ. Do you struggle with having an experience with Jesus and not wanting to take that to others like God desires? What things do you do to combat wanting to keep your experience with Jesus to yourself?
  • Calendar Items:June 2ndPicnic in the Park at 6pm and Lake Day July 14that 5pm.