James 5:12

James 5:12, “Above all, my brothers and sisters, do not swear—not by heaven or by earth or by anything else. All you need to say is a simple “Yes” or “No.” Otherwise, you will be condemned.”

Main Point:

As followers, integrity should define us both in word and in deed.

Church Vision Statement 

We are a biblically rooted church that wants to help you overcome life’s emptiness through a deeper relationship with Christ and connection to a family who cares.

Be Church Project Need:

  • Contact: Josh Largent 469-383-9218
  • Josh was made aware of a single mom of two in need. He has been helping for the last few weeks trying to get them moved into their home. The home is basically just studs. Josh needs help sheetrocking, he has been doing it by himself every night after work. I think they have been living in it, Josh just got them electricity last week, and they now have one finished restroom. This will be a great opportunity to be the church to a family in need. Please contact Josh for information on how to help. Even if it is not the entire group, Josh would be grateful for another set of hands. 

Transformation Questions:

  • Have you ever been stood you on a date after being told that they wanted to go out with you? Did that action break your trust in them?
    • This one is meant to be funny and light. We all have funny stories of getting stood up. 
  • How would you define integrity?
    • Todd defined it as, “Integrity is the quality of being truthful and honest.”
  • Why do you think it is important for believers to live with integrity?
    • There are a lot of good reasons like it brings God glory, but I think one of the most practical reasons is a point of evangelism. People have to be able to trust us.
  • Who in your life do you consider has the most integrity and why? 
  • If that person told you important information, would you trust what they were sharing with you? 
    • Keep this question in mind as you’re building into the next one about your witness. Lead the conversation in a way to help them understand that they would just about do or believe anything that a person they trusted told them. 
  • Do you feel that based on your witness (your words and deeds) that people would consider you a person of integrity? Would they believe your witness?
    • This is a harder question. If people are slow to speak, make eye contact and ask individuals what they think. This is not to belittle anyone, but we need to own it, positive or negative. 
  • How can we repair our witness in relationships with people who do not trust us?
    • We can go to individuals we have wronged and repent. 
  • Do you often tell your kids that you will do something and then have to change your plans at the last minute? What do you think that does to your child? If that happened with your own dad, do you feel like you have trust issues?
  • When you tell your kids or grandkids, “No,” do you find yourself changing your mind to appease their tantrum? What do you think that is teaching your kids?
  • Imagine if your parents were believers and talked about God often, but they were very inconsistent with you and not very trustworthy. Do you think that would be a hindrance in your belief and trust in God?
  • We are the greatest missionaries in our kid’s and grandkid’s lives. Our yes should be yes, and our no should be no. If we have damaged our testimony, we could potentially damage God’s testimony in their eyes. How do we repair our witness with our kids or grandkids when we have damaged it?