Week’s Sermon:

1 Corinthians 11:17-34

Understanding the Lord’s Supper

Teacher Notes: Remember you do not have to do every question, feel the room if the group is going long omit questions.

Transformation Questions:

Read 1 Corinthians 11:17-34

  • What are the qualifications for taking the Lord’s Supper?
    • Being a believer and not living in unconfessed sin
  • What is the Lord’s Supper suppose to proclaim about Jesus and us?
    • The Lord Supper is to proclaim the body of Christ broken and the blood of Christ poured out. Taking the Lord’s Supper for us shows that we are in unity with Christ and the Body of Christ.
  • Do you remember the first time you took the Lord’s Supper? What was that experience like? Did you take it in the right fashion?
    • Many people grew up in other churches with different beliefs and meanings of the Lord’s Supper, others came to faith later in life and it might of seemed weird, and many that grew up in church just took it to have a snack in service.
  • What was the problem with the Church at Corinth taking the Lord’s Supper?
    • They allowed what they were doing to look like the culture around them. There were rich people eating first and getting drunk and the poor were only getting the leftovers. They made classes in the Church.
  • The Corinthian Church was showing a conflicting message in the way that they took the Lord’s Supper. What conflicting messages have been sent in the modern Church by the way you have seen or heard of the Lord Supper being taken?
  • We try our best to make everything “fair” in the church, but that does not always happen. In what ways has the Church allowed wealth, poverty, position, or race to separate us today?
  • What things can you do in your home, whether you are single, a parent, or a grandparent, to influence people and not separate over the temporal, but unite in the eternal things?
  • Paul commands us to examine our hearts prior to taking the Lord’s Supper. What does that mean? Prior to taking the Lord’s Supper in the few minutes of silence, what do you do to examine your heart?
  • When examining your heart, if/when you discover something, what do you do about it?
  • The Lord’s Supper calls us to forgive because Christ forgave us. What does it really mean to forgive someone else?
    • Voddie Baucham, “Forgiveness does not mean one forgets the offense, but in spite of the memory one forgives the debt.”


We as the church have an opportunity to be the church outside the walls of the church in community like when we meet together for Lifegroups. Another way we get to be the church is through serving our community.


Discuss during the week, service projects your group would like to participate in and come back next Sunday night ready to put a date on the project. If you need help email [email protected] or [email protected].


Who do you know in the church going through something in church that your group could serve by prayer, a meal, or help around their house? We are to care for one another reach out to that brother or sister and offer them love.

Look around the room and notice who might have got lost in the summer and pull out your phone and set a reminder right now to text or call them to check in.


August 25th: Groups leader meeting immediately following the 2nd service. It will last around 40 minutes.

September 8th: Lifegroup Re-launch. We ask you to meet in the new Welcome Hallway to recruit and make connections.

September 8th: Lifegroup Childcare will begin on Sunday Nights. Drop off for preschool and elementary is no earlier than 5:45 and pick up by 7:30. Mike Sellers will have a Kidstown Lifegroup this fall and spring.