Matthew 13:3-9

Marriage: Distortion of Marriage

Transformation Questions:

  • What is God’s allowance for divorce in the Scriptures?
  • Matthew 19, Jesus allows divorce only on the basis of adultery.
  • 1 Corinthians 7 allows it if you are abandoned by an unbelieving spouse. 
  • Pastor Todd encourages us to make God the God of our marriages. How do we keep God the God of our marriage? 
    • Putting everyone in the right place in your marriage. Loving God first more than your spouse. Loving your spouse more than anyone on earth… including your kids. 
  • What does it look like when someone loves their kids more than their spouse? Why is this an issue?
    • We are to love our spouses more than anyone else on earth. When parents elevate their kids to that position, they have just driven a wedge between them and their spouse.
  • Why is it wrong to love your spouse more than God?
    • When you put your husband or wife in the top position above God, then he or she becomes an idol. When you place your husband or wife on the throne, you are putting them in a position they were never meant to bear… its too much responsibility. Only God is perfect and perfect for that position. 
  • What are some things that you and your spouse can do together to keep God first? Explain what things look like in your daily or weekly lives.
    • While it sounds generic, bible study and prayer are two essential things to do with your spouse.
    • Try to get them to be very specific about what they do so that others can hear it and consider what it could look like in their relationships. 
  • Why can adultery hurt so bad?
    • It is the highest form of unfaithfulness. It directly contrasts what God has designed marriage for. God doesn’t cheat on us, so we don’t need to cheat on our spouses.
  • Does adultery usually happen overnight?
    • No, it is subtly ignored cues that lead toward much worse things over time.
  • What are some things that you do now to safeguard your marriage?
    • Todd mentioned that he and Tammy don’t eat lunch with the opposite sex. Try not to communicate directly with the opposite sex on social media. Always CC’s Tami on emails.
  • How well would you say you are at communicating with your spouse?
  • What two things did Todd mention that were important to communicate with your spouse regular about? Those are touchy subjects how do you enter into those conversations?
    • Finances and Children.
  • What were some things that Todd mentioned that could help in fighting fair?
    • Stop screaming. Never hit each other. Take a break from fighting, with a plan to come back together to talk about it. Try your best not to take cheap shots. And putting yourself second and being willing to compromise.
  • This week name one thing you can do to make your spouse a priority? 
  • What are some things you and your spouse did together when you were dating or engaged?
    • Encourage your members to have a date night soon that is only for them. No kids!


Be in thought about a project(s) your Lifegroup can do in the community. When you decide your project, please email [email protected] we can keep track of what God is doing through our church. 

A service project coming in October is Band Night at the football game. Parents work the concession stands and don’t get to watch their kids march, so we take over for the night and allow the parents to participate in their student’s last home game of the year. 


Set a reminder on your phone right now to encourage another couple in the group to make their spouse a priority this week. (Guys with Guys and Girls with Girls)


Remember, childcare is from 5:45 to 7:30. Please do not drop them off earlier than 5:45 or pick them up later than 7:30.