Genesis 1&2

Marriage: Foundation and Purpose

Transformation Questions:

Read Genesis 2:18-25

  • What is the healthiest marriage you have ever seen? Why do you consider that a healthy marriage?
  • What are God’s purpose and plan for marriage?
  • The Bible says that God desired to make Adam a suitable helper. Todd showed us from the Hebrew that the word is, “helpmeet,” how did he describe the helpmeet?
  • How does marriage reflect the glory of God?
  • Does marriage complete a person, is that what it means that two become one flesh? Can a single person be whole? What does it say about a person if they believe they need a person to make them whole?


Be in thought about a project(s) your Lifegroup can do in the community. When you decide your project, please email [email protected] so we can keep track of what God is doing through our church.

A service project coming in October is Band Night at the football game. Parents work the concession stands and don’t get to watch their kids march, so we take over for the night and allow the parents to participate in their student’s last home game of the year.


Look around the room and notice anyone missing. The summer is a natural time to get lost or fall through the cracks. Set a reminder on your phone right now to text or call them.


Remember, childcare is from 5:45 to 7:30. Please do not drop them off earlier than 5:45 or pick them up later than 7:30.