Happy Mother’s Day!

 “To become a mother is not difficult…on the other hand, being a mother is very much so.”

Thinking about Mother’s Day coming up, I read this the other day and began to reminisce about my life as a mother. I slept through the birth of my first born, a daughter, because I was too afraid to be awake, and I definitely didn’t want to experience any pain! My second born, a son, according to a Stone Age sonogram in the 70’s (one of the first) and a professor who knew everything, was supposed to be another girl! What in the world was I going to do with a boy, when the room and all the clothes were pink??!!

Now my life as I knew it was OVER. Little did I know that my love for these children would be so strong that it really didn’t matter much about me anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I still liked to have time for myself, but my life and schedule revolved around them.

The first born was pretty close to perfect; very obedient, high achiever, beautiful, and grew up to love the Lord with all her heart.

The second born was completely another story. From the time he could reach the knick knacks on the coffee table it was a battle. I set out to win this battle of the wills until that little hand, red from spanking; him crying; me crying…prompted me to move everything out of his reach. Today, he is a complete joy, loves the Lord, and we even work together!

There’s a lot I would do differently…if I had the chance to raise them both again:

  • I would take the opportunity to talk to them about an offence, instead of immediately dishing out the punishment. I would find out the reason behind the crime and help bring understanding as to why it occurred. Then we would pray that God would help them not to repeat the act, and help them be pleasing to Him.
  • I would give more of myself to them. I would say less of “just a minute…I’m busy”, or “I’m too tired,” and say more of, “sure, that sounds like fun.” Or I would get involved more with their homework when they needed help (unless it was math!).
  • I would read them more Bible stories, and we would memorize simple scriptures so they could hide God’s Word in their hearts.
  • I would pray more for them each day. I couldn’t be with them at all times, but I could pray for God’s protection and hedge from Satan’s influence, while they were away from me.
  • I would want them to see me read my Bible, and spend time on my knees (which I should have done a lot more of).
  • I would tell them more often how proud I was of them, assure them of my love, and give encouragement for good behavior or jobs well done.

Of all these things, there’s one thing I may have done right, praise be to God alone. I AM extremely grateful that God allowed me to lead both of my children to Him. Those moments are some of the most precious.

We can’t redo the past, but we can take advantage of every moment we have TODAY.

“Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

                                                                                                                           Proverbs 22:6

For HIS Glory,

Sharon Nix