An Update from Scott, Joy, and Samuel Stice

Thank you for your continued prayers, gifts, and support for our family. We are grateful for each of you.

We started praying about some kind of ministry on campus at Trinity Western University (TWU). This is a local Christian university, but it carries that affiliation loosely. Some of the students grew up in a Christian household but have questions, or they are Christian by name only. Others are on campus for academics and have no background in Christianity. It is an interesting school, one that claims community as a high value and yet leaves many of the students craving it.

We had a church booth at TWU’s orientation day in September and met some students there. Since then, our church has started meeting in person at a local hotel, and some TWU students have been coming consistently. Another couple in our church connected with one of the students, and invited us all over for Canadian Thanksgiving. Joy has consistently met or reconnected with some students on campus, and has been giving rides on Sundays from campus.

We view all of these events as indications that God is working at TWU and inviting us to join Him there. Please pray for New Song as we explore and become more involved in these students’ lives. We are praying for a campus revival, that people would come to know Christ as their personal Saviour and grow in their relationship with God. Pray for wisdom and humility for us, and that we would trust and obey God in this matter.

Some other updates:
New Song is acting as a home church for 3 new church-planting families serving in various areas of Metro Vancouver. We are grateful for the community, camaraderie, encouragement, and wisdom that they bring with them, and we pray that we can serve and assist them as they begin their work.

-On any given Sunday, there are between 6-20 school age children at our church. This makes for a very fun and vibrant Sunday! Pray for the Children’s team as they serve a vital part of our church.

– Our lead-planter, Christian, and the associate pastor, Matt, are being ordained on Nov. 7th.Please pray for them as they prepare for this ceremony.

-We are excited to see God bring more families and students into the church, and pray that we would always watch for opportunities to engage our neighbors, friends, and community with the Gospel.