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The first Tuesday after Thanksgiving is typically called “Giving Tuesday.” You may have seen #givingtuesday used on social media. This is a day where people are asked to consider “what can I give to make a difference?” rather than “what can I get myself?”

At Tabernacle, we rarely talk about money, but you are still faithful to give it. Because you do give, we get to do some really cool things that sometimes go unseen. We asked our staff to share with you some of their favorite local ministries.

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Pastor Todd: BeChurch

I loved seeing families gather food and then see the children deliver that food to those who needed/wanted it. The look on the parents face, and the look on the child’s face was beyond words. I loved seeing the organization of such a significant event come to alive and watching something so complicated be pulled off so easily. Seeing the cars wrap around the parking lot was special. I did not like the negative impact of how that effect a Sunday and how those who could not participate did not like it. My second favorite event is not really a event. It’s something that happens every week. I love the Sunday Worship service. I love preaching, singing, and seeing the church body come together. If I had an actual event that was second, it would have to be Kids Beach Club. Seeing kids sing for Jesus and receive a Bible is super special. That hour a week may be the only church they go to, the only Jesus these kids get and the only Gospel they hear. Seeing our people put a Bible in a young Muslim girl’s hand lets me know there is hope for her and her family.

BeChurch is funded by GLOCAL Missions. You can give to GLOCAL here

Mike Sellers: Feeding the Ennis Football Team

I get to serve and bless these young men by feeding them and encouraging them.

Feeding the football team is funded by GLOCAL Missions. You can give to GLOCAL here

Kody Alvarez: Global Missions

Our mission work is funded by Project 138. Project 1:38 comes from Mark 1:38 that says we should go somewhere else and preach there also. For the last eight years, Tabernacle has been severing a people group in Sumatra that are considered “unreached and unengaged” by the International Mission Board. Right now, we are seeing God move and do awesome things among these people – like salvations, baptisms, and new church plants. Whenever I think about Sumatra, I cannot believe that God allows us to participate in His international Kingdom work, and I cannot believe I get to serve at a church that is so serious about the Great Commission. I love being a part of a church that has a heart for missions!

Our work in Sumatra is funded by Project 138. You can give to Project 138 here

Matheus Oliveira: Student Ministry

Student Ministry is my favorite ministry because we strive for transparency. James 5:16 says, “confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed.” With that in mind, we aim to be honest and transparent about sin and walk with Christ. We see teenage lives changed. We believe that transparency fights against the emptiness of life and leads us to have an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ. I also get to oversee a Volleyball ministry that meets in our gym on Monday Nights. Volleyball is my second favorite ministry because we see people from all over the community come to church to have a good time and create relationships. Through volleyball, I have been able to invite people into my home and talk to them about the Gospel. I love meeting people and being able to invest in them, and the volleyball ministry is perfect for that!

Our Student Ministry is funded by giving to the GENERAL budget. You can give to the GENERAL budget here

Jeff Stapleton: Ecuador

When you give to both Project 138 and the GLOCAL fund, you are helping many things happen in Ecuador. You are helping us partner with PESCA Seminary to provide accredited Master’s level education to pastors. You are also helping send people to work with Camp Chacauco where they get to teach the gospel to children in the mountains and the jungle. I had the privilege of going there in 2015 and it was an incredible time of serving and growing.

Providing seminary education in Ecuador is funded by GLOCAL Missions. You can give to GLOCAL here

Sending teams to Ecuador is funded by Project 138. You can give to Project 138 here