Update from Indonesia:

From Dani (Sunday Nov 7th)

1. Activities in the city of M*******.

A. Every week I go on trip around the M******* district.  Monday through Thursday is time to go out praying and getting to know some new people and witnessing.
No new believers lately.  Still continue to disciple the people who have heard the gospel.

B.  Platform:
My farm is one of my greatest platforms for ministry through job creation and taking my products to market. This month I participated in the activities of the Cooperative office about the coffee business in M****** Regency.  Where I am learning a lot about the responsibility to help farmers and introduce superior coffee products in our city.

Concerning the job of producing coffee every Friday and Saturday, I asked Rahmad from the K**** tribe to work coffee in our house.  Kody met him and was able to share the gospel with him, the backpacking team with Michael on a trip to M****** in 2017.

The mother who worked in our coffee field has died. I preached the funeral and was able to witness to all that attended funeral and testified to the families in attendance.  Two days ago we attended a consolation service in our garden.  Where many of the tribes come to join in Christian worship.  They attend out of love.

2. Continued work:
Continue to visit some families who had heard the gospel and help those who needed help.

3. Prayer:
Please pray for us.  For our courage to witness and our health. For our baby on the way. God’s blessing, grace and for belief in Christ on those who hear God’s message.

4. God provided a new pastor to one of the churches that I have been preaching in and I am no longer preaching there, this is the church my father pastored while he was in M*******. 

It is the rainy season here.  Every day until night it rains.

Many blessings,

About Project 1:38

Project 1:38 is Tabernacle’s way to fund the River People Ministry.  In Mark 1:38, Jesus said, Let us go somewhere else to the towns nearby, so that I may preach there also; for that is what I came for.”  Jesus was telling his disciples that preaching and reaching the lost was what He came for.

We have identified an unreached people group we call the “River People.”  Every year, we send 3 to 4 teams to Sumatra to share the gospel and find nationals to work among the River People.  Many teams have gone over the past 3 years and we now have one national partner, Danni, who works among the River People.