Bonnie’s Faith Story

Almost six years ago, I lost my husband, my Michael, my best friend, my protector and my love. I felt I had no more purpose in this world. I was lost. I felt like I should just wither away and die. Three years ago, I felt an urge to reach out for help. I went to several churches and did not feel comfortable or welcome.

A friend at work asked me to come to her church, so I did. The first time I walked in, I felt so welcome. The first song played was The Goodness of God. I started shaking and cried. Tears of such relief. I reached out to health care counselors and my new home church. All of them have been such a blessing in my life.

I have now Hep C free and sober for a year, as of August 6. My whole life I have helped others and now I’m full of the Holy Spirit. After I learned what Jesus did for me, I want to give others what he gave me: love and kindness to others. I feel like a kid knowing Jesus is holding my hand and he is my protector, now. I see God’s beauty in everything I look upon and everything I do. God has a purpose for our trials.

I submit to you, Lord, and asked for your guidance in this path of life. I love you, Jesus, and ask forgiveness for the pain I have caused you. I am here to serve you now.