“The Surprising Truth About Hell and How You Get There” Week 5 (Luke 16:19-31)

“Worry Less By Seeking Him More” Week 3 (Luke 12:13-31)

While the world is ever changing and volatile, God is never changing and stable, so refrain from worry and seek first His Kingdom. We can refrain from worry because: 1. There is more to life than material needs (v. 23) – Life is more than food and the body is...

The Love of the Father

Luke 15 The Father in this passage offers grace to both sons. The Father invites both of His children into His party. It does not matter who you are, the older son or, the younger son today. The Father is standing there, offering you grace.
Trust That Leads to Joy

Trust That Leads to Joy

Luke 1:26-54  / December 15th, 2019 / Dr. Todd Gray Trust in God’s plan and find Joy from your participation in His plan for your life. Message Notes: 1.  Trust in the LORD’s plan for your life – Ask God to give you the faith to trust in His plan for...
Trust That Leads to Joy

Jesus, The Gift of Peace

Luke 2:8-21 Jesus is our Good News and Gift of PeaceMessage Notes: 1. Jesus is good news for you-Jesus-Savior-Lord2. Proclamation of Peace3. Response to Peace