1. Act Like You Know What You are Talking About
– A main theme in 1 Peter is that we should be living hope-filled lives in a hopeless world.
– Peter’s presupposition is that we will be living in such a way that nonbelievers will want to ask about the hope we have.

2. Actually Know What You are Talking About
– We need to be able to articulate our faith!
– Focus on answering two questions:
– Why do you love Jesus?
– How did he change your life?

3. Win People, Not Arguments
– We persuade with gentleness and respect.
– It’s not us against unbelievers. They aren’t the enemy. Satan is the enemy!

4. Your Testimony Can Change Lives
– You might be the only Bible the lost read.
– When we live with hope, the world is attracted to our faith.