Be a Bringer | Dr. Zach Crook
Mark 2:1-12

1. Build Relationships
A. In the Ancient Near East, people with disabilities were considered second class Citizens
1. And yet, they were friends with him anyway!
B. Just walk across the room!

2. Go Above and Beyond to be a Bringer!
A. The men had a plan – get their friend to Jesus!
B. The men persevered – These four men dug through 3-4 layers of the roof to try to get their friend in front of Jesus
C. They were willing for others to look at them foolishly
1. Are we more afraid of man or of God?

3. Be Aware of the Greatest Need
A. The friends were worried about his physical ailment
1. Christ was concerned about the condition of his heart!
B. The reason we meet physical needs is to open the door to share the gospel!
1. Who is someone in your sphere of influence whose greatest need is yet to be met?