1. Accept the Call to Be a Burden Bearer (vs. 1-2) – This is the calling for every Christian. Paul says if we bear one another’s burden, we will fulfill the law of Christ. The law of Christ is the law of love! To love your neighbor is to bear their burdens, and not to see their need and just keep walking by focused on your stuff. 

2. If Ready, Help Restore The Straying Follower (vs. 1-4) – You may not be ready to do this. Don’t miss that all-important “you who are spiritual” phrase. It refers not just to a follower of Christ who has a heartbeat, but to one who is abiding in the Spirit. Paul is not saying that this person is better than the next one, but that they are in a surrendered relationship with Jesus Christ, and they are now able to help restore the straying follower. But remember, do it with love and gentleness!

3. Show Appreciation (v. 6) – Paul wants these believers to show their appreciation to those who have helped them. Gratitude is a simple but powerful gesture. If your hard heart cannot accept the help or instruction with thankfulness, you need more time maturing in Christ. Always show appreciation to all those who help you.  

4. Do Not grow Weary in Sowing Good (vs. 7-10) – God is the one who brings the harvest for those who sow good into the world, and He brings forth judgment for those who sow evil as well. God always keeps His promises. Trust Him!