Luke 9:23-26

We live in a culture that is very “me” driven. We often speak without thinking about how our words affect others. A quick glance at Facebook after last week’s Presidental Election would quickly prove that. We make choices often only considering “what can I get out of this?” We try to structure our lives so that WE can get the most out of OUR time and OUR lives.

What if we stopped thinking of our lives as OURS and thought of it as ours to use for God? As believers, we should be thinking of ourselves as stewards of what we have been given, not kings to rule over what is “ours.” What we do have has been generously given to us by the king to use until he returns or he calls us home. We follow the ultimate example of selflessness and sacrifice in Christ. Every aspect of our lives, from our finances, calendars, and priorities, should reflect a selfless nature. It is a hard thing to do in today’s society.