Psalm 84:1-12

1. We Worship God because He is our Sanctuary

A) We should yearn for God in a way that can only be satisfied by communion with Him

B) Just as the psalmist is drawn to the temple, so we are called to worship God collectively
B1) There is strength in unity, when a church gathers together as one

2. We Worship God because He is our Strength

A) Even when we walk through the valley of tears, our hearts are on the highway to Zion

B) We aren’t alone
B1) God is with us
B2) When we journey with other believers, we are stronger together

3. We Worship God because He is our Provider

A) Would you rather be a servant to God or ruler of your own life?
A1) There are no little people in the Kingdom of God, and no small things in His plan

B) He doesn’t withhold any good thing from us!

C) We want to grow each day in the gospel so we will be in awe of God each time we think of Him