We must count the cost of following Jesus so as to be true followers and to live a life of effectiveness for Him.  

1. A Faithful Follower Counts the Cost of Discipleship (v. 27-33) – Jesus uses two illustrations in the beginning to make the same point. 

1.1 The first is about construction. Who does not first consider what a house would cost before they build it? You need to consider how much will cost, so you can finish your construction. In the same way, you need to consider what it would cost you to follow Jesus.  

1.2 The second illustration works much the same. What king or general would not consider the size and strength of an opposing army before going to battle? Every successful wartime mission considers the enemy. They know their weaknesses and strengths. If you are willing to follow Jesus no matter what, that means you are willing to weigh the cost of being unpopular, the cost of losing your job… and maybe even the cost of your own life. 

2. Counting the Cost will Keep you Salty (v. 34-35) – Staying salty means staying useful. If the salt loses its saltiness, it is useless. This is just like Christians becoming ineffective for the Kingdom. They lost flavor. This is a constant battle to not let the comfort of this world distract you from following Jesus. Keep staying salty.