The church should always select from among themselves men of high character who are tested and qualified to serve as Deacons. Here are the characteristics and qualifications of being a Deacon.

1) Deacons are problem solvers, not problem starters (6:1)

2) Deacons serve the church body by ministering to people  (6:2)  

3) Deacons have good character – men of good reputation, full of the Spirit, wise, and responsible (6:3)

4) Deacons promote healthy churches (6:5-7)

5) Deacons carry themselves with dignity (1 Tim 3:8)

6) Deacons must not be double-tongued or insincere (3:8)

7) Deacons must not be addicted to alcohol (3:8)

8) Deacons must not be greedy (3:8)

9) Deacons must be tested (3:10)

10) Deacons are to be men of incomparable family values (3:12)