There is a new, but growing trend in colleges and universities to provide “Safe Spaces” for students who feel marginalized. It is true that providing a place for the marginalized is a Biblical principle. But, one of the results of these spaces is that they allow students to speak and act without consequences. This is not in line with scripture.

When Jesus spoke to the crowds in John, most were simply looking for another relationship they leverage for their benefit. Many people do the same thing today. When confronted with hard Biblical truths that could impact us in a way we don’t like, we sometimes run to a safe space…a place where we accept a half-gospel…a place where we may think we’re saved, but are not.

This week, Pastor Todd discusses how the Jews ran to their safe spaces when confronted with tough issues and how we can avoid the same mistake today.

John 7:1-13 / January 15th, 2017 / Pastor Todd Gray